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What is Search Engine Optimization? (SEO)

SEO in a nutshell is ranking your website presence so that online consumers can find your business or services with ease. If you are search engine optimized then most likely you are indexed on Google search pages however you might not be where you get the most exposure.  Being at the top of Google has it’s perks for most companies who want to dominate their industry.

In this new age of the internet, companies need to look at search engine optimization “SEO”, if they want to gain more customers and clients. The fact of the matter is- if your company is not showing up on page one Google, then you are not only losing tons of customers but you are losing your online presence. This could mean that your other competitors are getting those organic leads. When people search for specific terms on Google, many of them are smart enough now days to know that companies pay for advertising spots so they scroll past advertisements to see the top organic rankings. Which links do you trust more on Google, paid advertisements or organic listings on page one? 

The companies that sit at the top in organic listings are often looked as trustworthy and credible. In simplest terms; these companies are search engine optimized and beating online competition. They automatically get the reputation of credible and reliable businesses just because Google favors them on their seach engine.  The websites that rank on page 2,3, or 4 are losing customers to their competitors sitting pretty on page one.

SEO in the online world can not only bring your business new customers, more revenue, and business branding…but you can also dominate your competition. There is no better marketing than getting the trust of one of the top performing companies on this planet and ranking at the top of Google when people search for your keywords of choice. Don’t worry if you don’t know the keywords to choose we are specialized in finding the right keywords that already is getting Google traffic in your industry. Lifted Outcome is here to make sure your business ranks for the converting keywords that people search for most. 

STOP LOSING Leads TO Your Competition

Chicago SEO Services

In this competitive world, you should have a good plan when it comes to your online marketing. The world has transitioned and will keep transitioning more towards digital. It is up to you to stay current with the trends and rely on companies like Lifted Outcome to make sure you are ahead of the curve and on top of all of the latest updates Google has to throw our way. Thriving locally in your industry will assist you significantly in hitting your goals and milestones. Moreover, you have to promote your products and services in an efficient way that works. There are many different ways to achieve success in your business however, optimizing your search results on Google is a big part of that success because every day there is 3.5 billion searches and it is growing.

SEO Optimization On-Site

Appropriate website optimization not only indicates higher rankings, it also signifies an improved customer experience.  Google loves it when people search for a term in the search bar and finds what they need. You want your customers to be satisfied with their search results and satisfied with the recommendations Google gives (which is your website). Search engine optimization allows your web presence to be seen on Google and we help optimize your results to page one.  

Who are we? Chicago SEO

Lifted Outcome is an industry-leading SEO agency committed to growing your Chicago business through search engine optimization. We stay agile and up to date and lead our industry with the latest technologies that keep us ahead of our competitors as well as keep you ahead of yours. If you are a local business owner that wants more online exposure and to rank high on Google, then please fill out our discovery form so we can analyze your industry and competitors and give you the recipe to success.  Our Chicago SEO services are designed specifically for business owners who already have a marketing budget and simply want to grow a lot faster. Lifted Outcome is result-oriented meaning we are not satisfied until you get results. Although there are several reasons why Lifted Outcome is the leading Chicago SEO Services agency based in Chicago, it happens to be a rewarding goal of ours to help local business owners achieve higher results when they sign on with us.

Increase ROI | More customers = More $

Keyword rich content is a vital component to SEO that produces traffic to your business in Chicago Illinois. If you optimize your website with the right keywords, you can be sure to have a happy customer base that got what they searched for. We deliver qualified content and will work together to ensure we are optimizing for high converting keywords. The effectiveness of our SEO agency is pure content with high authority backlinks. Our SEO agency makes your website get the traffic it deserves from all digital pathways.

Targeted Audience | Attract the right people to your business

Lifted Outcome provides unsurpassed SEO in the industry when it comes to qualifying and targeting your audience in Chicago IL. We help you figure out the right audience to cater to. Once we figure that out, we figure out the lucrative searches that are being searched for on Google and tailor your website to those searches. Therefore, you can sit back and relax, knowing that we are manipulating your website to what people are searching for on Google…which not only makes you rank higher but ultimately your conversion rates will rise resulting in an increase in business revenue.

Search Volume Research | Get More Foot Traffic to Your Business

Are you a local business owner in Chicago that can benefit from growing your business to the national level? We also work with business owners who are looking to expand their business and this has proved to be an effective way of reaching the right audience. For example, if you are selling a product or service that can bought from anyone in the world…we can research the search volume happening in Chicago versus Los Angeles. We will target the cities with higher search volume for your particular niche/industry.

SEO Implementation | Beat Your Competitors

Although the content is an extremely vital component of your SEO campaign in Chicago IL, it is just 15% of the effort your company needs when it comes to driving your search results to the top. Our SEO Services will take care of the other 85% of your off-site SEO efforts and provide you with monthly reports of rankings.

Authoritative Link Building

An integral aspect that sets us apart from other SEO agencies in Chicago is that we know what Google wants and others just try to keep up. We measure the results monthly. We are able to powerfully influence the increase of your search results with safe authoritative links that will juice up your website rankings. Google loves authority websites because they are more trustworthy. Be wary of fiverr gigs and other agencies that think they are helping you when they are doing more damage than good when they send bad links to your website. Google catches this black-hat activity and punishes your rankings.

Examining Results

The excellent part of SEO is the ability to track and measure the performance. At Lifted Outcome, we offer business reports on how you are ranking and industry breaking news relevant to your industry. We stay on top of the latest Google algorithm changes and have a proven system to stay on top of the changes that most other companies are blind to.

Industry Leaders

Industry leaders are always setting the bar for competition. Explode your business with a lifted outcome on Google’s search engine.  We help you dominate your results on Google so that you can focus on hitting your goals within your business. Cheers to your success and increased exposure in your Chicago Illinois territory.